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Homeowners Insurance Claims Process

After a natural disaster it is important for homeowner's to act quickly and take the appropriate steps to expedite the claims process.

The first step in filing a claim after a disaster is to contact your home insurance agent or company. Find out if your insurance policy covers that particular disaster.

Make temporary repairs to your home to prevent further damage. Patch holes in your homes walls and roof as well as cover windows and doors. If you enlist the aid of contractors do not let them overcharge you for temporary repairs. Remember that temporary repairs are a part of your overall settlement and if too much is paid before permanent repairs begin there may not have enough left in your settlement to cover other expenses. As always, keep all your receipts for any repairs that are made.

Survey the damage to the inside and outside of your home and make of list of items you want the adjuster to review before they arrive. Take pictures of the damage to your home and its contents. Provide pictures of your home before it was damaged whenever possible. Do not throw away damaged furniture of other expensive items before the adjuster arrives because they may want to review the damage to these items. Prepare a home inventory list of the items in your home and estimate their cost. If you have the receipts for furniture or appliances provide a copy of those items to the adjuster.

Get several written estimates from licensed contractors on cost of repairs to your home. Make sure that they include an itemized list of the items and prices necessary to repair your home. The more information you have about the damage to your home the quicker the claims process will be. Complete any paperwork that your home insurance agent or company sends as quickly as possible. Also retain copies of any lists or information sent for your records.

There are additional steps you need to take in the settlement of your homeowners claim.

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